What we are thankful for

Since it is the season to give thanks we decided to compile list of things we are thankful for in the world of web design.

Our first item on the thankful list is all the amazing CMS platforms that have come out in the past years.  Ranging from WordPress, Joomla, to Pyro, all these systems not only make designing websites easy but keeping up with maintenance for us and our clients has become easier and easier.

Second on the list is something that only really exist because of the growing popularity of programs like WordPress.  Through groups of designers we can quickly setup affordable websites for our clients.  The reason for this is that we no longer have to spend hours upon hours in the design world.  We can find a pre-built website and adapt it to our clients needs.

No more Flash!  With most browsers now accepting HTML 5 code, we are no longer dependent upon Flash to offer interactive web designs.  This helps on a lot of levels, one is development time another reason is that Google and other search engines can’t “see” Flash elements. But, they can all see HTML 5 elements and follow those links therefore providing you with more search juice!

What in the world of web design / web technology are you thankful for? Leave it in the comments below!

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  1. Guy Warner November 15, 2012

    We are also excited for reCaptcha to combat comment spam.


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