About Us

About Us

Warner Data Solutions is a USA based company that offers a complete solution for the needs of small and medium sized businesses.

You might have noticed the name Warner Data doesn’t really fit with website design, internet marketing, hosting, etc. There is a sane reason for this. When Warner Data started in 2008 our primary goal was to become a data sorting company for the mortgage industry. Our President, Guy Warner, couldn’t just stay with one thing and slowly expanded all the features that the company now offers. Warner Data Solutions, LLC is a privatley held company based in Salt Lake City, Utah.

Guy Warner
Guy Warner

Guy must have not had many friends when he was growing up in Colorado. In 7th grade he taught himself how to create webpages and how to program in PERL. He’s got some pretty geeky story on what pushed him to learn it… we’ll give you a hint, Online Role Playing games. Geek or what?

Colton Woolsey
Colton Woolsey
VP of Business Development

What do you get when you combine a life long uber-geek and a non-stop talker? That’s right, the VP of Business Development at a web design company.